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18 June 2021

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France to make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for health workers in Care Homes

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In France, Covid-19 vaccination rate among health workers serving in care homes is far lower than that of the general adult population. Consequently, vaccination could become mandatory, the Minister of Health said.

With a population of 66 million people, France has managed to vaccinate 60% of the country’s adults with at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose.  

As vaccination continues and new infections drop, health professionals working with the most vulnerable people are not really willing to get inoculated. 

According to RFI, France Minister of Health Olivier Véran made a “solemn appeal” to health workers, especially in care homes, to “take the plunge.”

“If by the end of the summer there is no improvement we will have to consider making vaccinations for those specific groups obligatory,” Olivier Véran stressed. 

“It is necessary and ethical to get vaccinated when you are in contact with vulnerable populations,” he added.

The measure could help protect elderly people in care homes severely affected during the first and second coronavirus wave. 

Hospital Staff are not concerned for now. 

France has lifted the compulsory requirement of wearing face masks in public on Thursday.  The night curfew will be lifted on Sunday. 

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