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Christina Mpiga-Alandji

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18 March 2021

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African Union to implement Covid-19 Test and Vaccine Passport

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The African Union through its healthcare Agency the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention is yet to implement My Covid Pass, a trusted travel tool to simplify verification of travellers’ public health documentation amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

The African Union health safeguard, the Africa Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Africa CDC) launched in October 2020 the “Saving Lives, Economies and Livelihoods campaign” to promote hassle-free travel across Africa while, at the same time, preventing cross-border spread of COVID-19 infections.

As a focal point of this campaign, Africa CDC initiated My Covid Pass, a trusted travel tool capable of addressing passengers’ travel needs during COVID-19 pandemic as it helps them validate their test and vaccination documents before departure.

My Covid Pass is set to ensure country regulations regarding COVID-19 travel requirements are met with minimal room for error and hassle to the travelling public.

Ethiopian Airlines announced on Wednesday that Ethiopia’s flag carrier had partnered with Africa CDC for the implementation of the African Union Trusted Travel Pass to make continental travel easier and safer amidst the COVID -19 pandemic.

“As a safety-first airline, we are striving to make travel safe and seamless especially with regard to the implementation of COVID 19 prevention strategies.”, Mr. Getinet Tadesse, Chief Information Officer at Ethiopian Airlines said.

Dr. John Nkengasong, Director of the Africa CDC applauds the decision of the wholly owned government carrier. “The scale of the challenge presented by Covid-19 demands an unprecedented level of both innovation and cooperation, which is why Ethiopian’s laudable decision to come on board Trusted Travel marks a watershed in the continent’s ongoing fightback against this pandemic’s quest to suppress the Africa’s development ambitions.”

Kenya Airways announced its partnership with the African Union and Africa CDC on March 8,  becoming one of the first airlines in Africa to implement the Trusted Travel Pass.

Kenya Airways Acting Chief Commercial Officer Julius Thairu said: “Kenya Airways believes in keeping the health and safety of our travelers as a topmost priority and is proud to be one of the leading airlines in Africa to facilitate a one-stop-secure travel shop to restore customer confidence to fly once more.”

The trusted travel pass, My COVID Pass would help validate test and vaccination certificates as well as share testing or vaccination certificates with airlines and authorities to facilitate travel.

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